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Gengma flexible coupling

A flexible coupling is a device used to connect two shafts, absorbing angular, radial, and axial deviations between the two shafts to achieve smooth transmission of the two shafts. It is usually made of metal material with high elasticity and durability to withstand high torque and impact.

Jingzhen crystallization tank

Crystallization tank is a kind of equipment used for crystallization operation, which is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other fields. The design and operation of crystallization tank involves many aspects, the following are some key points:

Installation of Mengpeng evaporation tank

The installation steps of the evaporation tank vary according to the specific equipment and site conditions, but generally include the following basic steps:

Jingzhen coordinated press

Coordination press is a device for separating liquids from solids, which is usually used in the processing of food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Its working principle is to realize liquid-solid separation by applying a certain pressure to make the liquid ooze out or flow out from the solid.