Organization Culture

Our Goal:Build a first-rate equipment manufacture enterprise.

Our Mission:Contribute to better life

Solidify the idea that innovation is the prime motive to development, further amplify the effort of new product development, to provide customer with smarter, greener, more efficient and effective products, while delivering quality service. Enable customer to continuously improve technical capability, production efficiency and economic interests, at the same time help them to increase product quality, lower production cost and minimise production wastes. Increase company effort to switch to CNC machines, adopting more advanced fabrication methodology. Continue to raise investment in environmental protection and occupational safety and health, in order to improve production efficiency and product quality, as well as establish a safe and comfortable work environment for employees.

While providing customer with satisfying production and service, company interest are improved, employee’s income rises steadily, creating a win-win for all stakeholders.

Our Vision:Be the front runner in industry, be contributor to society

Through unrelenting efforts, grow company to be leading force in sugar manufacturing equipment industry globally. Widen international collaboration in the field of microorganism, expedite application of microbial technology and market development to take leading position in domestic market, aid in the effort of environment protection.

Our Value:Honesty, Innovativeness, Win-Win

Honesty – Company’s foundation. Keeping promises, honest to each other.

Innovativeness – Company’s motivation. Through innovative thinking, push for innovation in management, technology and capital management.

Win-Win – Company’s development key. Concentrating on interest of various stakeholders in company development, ensuring mutual benefit among client, employee and supplier, actively seeking complementary cooperation, joint development and benefit sharing.

Company Culture:Better career, strengthen employee training; Better benefits, raise employee salary step by step; Better relationship, promotes culture of mutual respect.

Marketing Strategy:Service improvement in Yunnan, market expansion in Guangxi, brand promotion overseas.

Development Strategy:Lead with technology, motivated by innovation, live by quality, foundation in service and propelled by engineering projects for company’s all around development.