Word From Our President


Time passes always with its historic significance and our heritages, and the Time of Glory would require inspirational leadership and creation.

Kunming KLIM Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. , formerly Kunming Light Industry Machinery Factory, was established in 1969 and as part of the government enterprises under the Ministry of National Light Industry. Adhering to the principles of innovation and new technology, highest possible quality and customer satisfactions, and allowing the project engineering construction work to enhance the overall enterprise development, after the two structural transformations Klim has reached a new height of development,. Currently the Company has a much diversified line of business operating in multi regions in sectors of diverse and coordinated specialties. Klim is a business that has research and development, manufacturing, sales and project engineering all under one enterprise. It is also a government recognized High and New Tech Enterprise.

The Achievement of Klim is the result of its persistence, the Strength of Klim is the result of its innovations, and the Success of Klim is the result of its ability to make the best of all opportunities and the overall environment. Looking back at the 50 years of twists and turns, we see a depiction of a historic journey of hardship, endurance and persistence and the creation of a proud Monument of the Klim Spirit.

In 2002 the business ran into difficulty due to the then market reality and the effects of structural changes. The company came to the edge of bankruptcy. We united under the principle of people making the difference. We geared for the development of international markets, adopted the approach of responsibility, reality and innovation. We all worked hard and made our best effort in taking the available opportunities. In the end we not only made a smooth and successful company structural transition but also made the business profitable.

In the following decade, we concentrated on developing each of the sugar making processes, with innovation, and good R&D. We combined research and development with the introduction of imported technologies and developed a good range of new sugar making equipment, and we developed the capability of supplying the complete sugar making fabrication line, from process engineering to instrumentation to the equipment and to the overall construction and management of a project. Over the period we have supplied to domestic and international customers from single sugar making equipment to complete set of sugar processing lines, from the procurement and supply to the overall construction management and the project turn key delivery. The transition of our line of business from supplying only individual equipment to the complete set of process lines has seen our turnover increasing from the time of ownership transition in 2002 of mid 8 digits to the upper range of 9 digits. We gradually broke through and got on to a healthy and sustainable road of development.

The development combining our own R&D with the introduction of imported technology has allowed us the capability to deliver complete processing lines with advanced ranges and automation. We have developed a line of business that supplies individual fine equipment to complete set of processing lines. This allows us to compete favorably in domestic and international markets. Klim is now the largest sugar making equipment manufacturer with a most complete range of products in China and a reputable international sugar equipment manufacturer too.

In 2015 the Company started on the sector of environment protection. After years of research experiment Klim has developed a complete solution for organic garbage treatment. Such equipment is able to make treatment of organic waste from a daily 2kg individual household needs to that of industrial sized 10 tons waste management.

Looking back at the 50 years development journey we see today’s success is based on the earlier Klim people’s hard work and it is also the result of every Klim people’s dedication and assiduousness. Klim has always followed the overall government development strategy and has always taken care of improving the lives of ordinary people and making contribution to the society. Over the years we have donated more than RMB4 million to the poor regions of the province in their poverty alleviation and education. During the 2020 Covid virus difficulty Klim has donated medical equipment and material to the Kunming Huhua District Hospital, the Fuming Country Heath Bureau and the Yunnan Provincial Disease Control Centre.

Centennial’s accumulation sees today’s prosperity. Looking back we take pride in every steps of the way we cover in the past 50 years and looking ahead we are full of aspiration and confidence. Jointly with the management team we shall work closely with the Klim people to further develop the company. We shall closely analyze the market reality, minimize the risks, follow the belief of “ development and renovation”, work hard and strive to the new successes ahead.