Kunming Light Machinery news, February 19, 2020, issue 1


(From this newspaper) From January 4 to 8, 2020, the expert team of Beijing Zhongda Huayuan Certification Center Mao Zongli, Zhu Xiyuan, and Ma Yan visited the company and conducted a four-day, two-stage enterprise quality system supervision audit and environment , Occupational health and safety management system forensic review.

In 2019, the external audit of the company's quality, environment, and occupational health and safety management system was successfully completed

  (From this newspaper) From January 4 to 8, 2020, the expert team of Beijing Zhongda Huayuan Certification Center Mao Zongli, Zhu Xiyuan, and Ma Yan visited the company and conducted a four-day, two-stage enterprise quality system supervision audit and environment , Occupational health and safety management system forensic review.

  The first meeting was organized by the audit team from 9:00 to 9:30 on the morning of January 6. chairman Liu, senior management, heads of various departments and related personnel attended the meeting. Expert team leader Mao Zongli, on behalf of the audit team, explained the audit purpose, audit scope, audit methods and main audit tasks, introduced the audit plan and grouping situation, and made a solemn commitment to confidentiality responsibility.

  At the meeting, chairman Liu reiterated the importance of external audit work, as well as the promotion and benefits of management system implementation to company management, and required all departments and related personnel to take seriously during the audit process and actively cooperate with audit experts. Humbly learn from experts and carefully record the work in order to rectify, complete and improve after the audit.

  After the first meeting, the audit team conducted detailed and in-depth investigations on the company’s leadership, three branches, three centers, and eight departments through on-site inspections, questioning and chatting, random inspections, data collection, data access, and discussions with employee representatives. The audit work of the company has obtained evidence of compliance with the company’s quality, environment, and occupational health and safety management systems, and has conducted a comprehensive and detailed verification of the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the system documents. During the review process, the experts expounded and communicated the specific situation of the review and related issues found in a timely manner, and put forward many constructive and feasible improvement opinions.

  On the afternoon of January 8, after internal communication, the audit team organized the final audit meeting at 16:30. The leader of the audit team, Mao Zongli, presided over the meeting and gave the following notification on the external audit: no serious non-conformities were found in this audit, and two general non-conformities were found. The company's quality management system remains effective, environmental and occupational health The safety management system recommends certification and registration. After the briefing, chairman Liu made a concluding speech on behalf of the company. He first expressed his sincere gratitude to the three audit experts for their hard work, and said that the audit teachers have extremely high professional standards, and the questions raised were to the point, pointed out the weak links in the operation of the company's management system, and gave many valuable opinions and suggestions.

  Chairman Liu asked the Quality Department to send the rectification requirements and improvement opinions put forward by the experts to all departments before January 10, and work out a rectification time plan to supervise the completion. Vice President Song Mingxin, Vice President Guo Kai, and Vice President Dai Yuelin appointed to participate in the audit publicized and communicated the problems exposed in the audit and the suggestions and opinions of experts to the management cadres and related personnel of various departments through the "Klim Forum" .

  Chairman Liu said that every audit is a good learning opportunity for the company and is the company’s most valuable asset. Management cadres at all levels should pay great attention to unqualified items, and reflect on the problems reflected in the external audit. Find the problem from the management point of view by analogy. I believe that with the company's high attention to management system review and the active participation of all employees, the company's various management work will surely improve day by day, and finally the product quality and brand effect of Klim will be praised and recognized by the sugar industry at home and abroad.

  Amidst the warm applause, the closing meeting was over, and the 2019 quality, environment, and occupational health and safety management system external audit work of Kunming Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. was successfully completed. (Song Mingxin, correspondent of this newspaper)

  管理体系外审首次会议The first meeting of the external audit of the management system





  On-site inspection by certified experts in the first phase



  The final meeting of the external audit of the management system



  Chairman Liu gave instructions on the 2019 management system external review briefing in the "Klim Forum"


The company held the 2019 year-end cadre summary meeting

  (From this newspaper) The company's 2019 year-end cadre summary meeting ended smoothly. The summary meeting was divided into two stages. The first stage will be conducted in batches in the lecture hall on the first floor of the headquarters on December 16, 17, and 31, 2019. At the summary meeting on the 16th and 17th, the company’s senior management cadres formed an evaluation team, and middle-level and above management cadres made work summary speeches. From the perspective of their own management, everyone summarized the work done by each department in 2019 and the existing problems. Reasonable suggestions were put forward, and many valuable suggestions laid a solid foundation for the future development of Kunming Light Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd. The leaders of the assessment team commented on the speeches of middle-level cadres. At the summary meeting on the morning of December 31, the company’s senior leaders made a summary of the work of each system, analyzed and summarized the company’s work in 2019 from a higher level, and achieved very good results, which is beneficial to the health of the company. The development has far-reaching significance!

  The second phase of the summary was on the afternoon of December 31, 2019. In the conference hall on the third floor of the Xinjing Garden Hotel, Comrade Liu Changzhan, secretary of the company’s party committee, chairman and general manager, delivered a 2019 end-of-year summary report to all management cadres. Chairman Liu’s report comprehensively and profoundly analyzed the current market environment and industry environment of Kunming Light Industry Mchiner Co.,Ltd, clearly pointed out the problems existing in various jobs in 2019, put forward higher requirements for management cadres, and arranged Work for 2020 is deployed. Chairman Liu requested that after the meeting, the reasonable suggestions and opinions put forward by the management cadres at all levels in the section summary meeting should be carefully implemented and adopted.

  Chairman Liu’s report lasted more than three and a half hours. The content of the whole report was clear, non-spread, and clear. The humorous language he interspersed in the report from time to time made the whole report sound wonderful, and everyone has heard of it, and the response is enthusiastic..Chirman Liu's work report has sounded the clarion call for the company's work in 2020. Under the company's unity and leadership, Kunming Light Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd will definitely develop better in 2020! (Song Xiaochun, correspondent of this newspaper)

  The first phase summary meeting







  Chairman Liu makes a summary of the conference







Kunming Light Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd 2020 New Year's Eve Series Activities Came to a Successful End

  (News from this newspaper) In order to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and strengthen the construction of corporate culture, on the occasion of the 2020 Spring Festival, the party committee, administration, trade union, and youth league committee of Klim Light Industry jointly took "I and the enterprise develop together" as the theme and carefully organized a special New Year celebration and group dinner party, and the event also invited the Huocaotang Biological Company to participate.

  First of all, chairman Liu, secretary of the company’s party committee, chairman and general manager, made a new year speech. In his speech, chairman Liu expressed his gratitude to all the staff for their hard work over the past year, and at the same time gave a clear description of the future market and the development direction of the company. Subsequently, Yang Guowu, deputy secretary of the company’s party committee, announced the commendation decisions of the “Klim Star” and “Excellent Teams” in 2019. The company’s deputy general manager Dai Yuelin awarded certificates and bonuses to the outstanding teams, and chairman Liu won the “Klim Star” The employees with honorary titles were awarded trophies and bonuses. Under the attention of all employees, the winning collectives and individuals received trophies and certificates that symbolized honor and brilliance. This commendation is not only an affirmation of the hard work of the outstanding employees and the team, but also reflects the enterprise spirit of Klim Light Industry for more work and more rewards.

  Accompanied by beautiful and cheerful music, Kunming Light Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd's 2020 New Year Celebration has officially started. In this warm winter day, all participants showed their talents, and the performances were brilliant and climaxed. Multiple performances compete and encourage, and the rankings are not announced until the last minute. A total of 12 programs won first, second, and third prizes for performances. The comprehensive dance "Old Guozhuang" of the rich and the sales company's poem recitation "I am a Klimman" won the show performance appraisal champion. The Klim company, The leaders of Huocaotang Company issued certificates and bonuses to the award-winning programs.

  The development of the activity provides a stage for the employees of the enterprise to show themselves apart from the intense work, enriches everyone's amateur cultural life, enhances the communication and understanding between employees, and enhances the charisma and cohesion of the enterprise. The enthusiasm of "passionate and striving to be the first" reflected in the activity will surely be transformed into an infinite force to promote the healthy and rapid development of the enterprise.

  After the end of the New Year celebration, the company also organized a splendid dinner for all employees. In the laughter of the employees, the event ended successfully after the colorful fireworks were set off.

  Looking forward to 2020, we firmly believe: a new year, new hope, new hard work, and new harvest. Adhering to the deep love for Kunming Light Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd, through the joint efforts of all employees, the company will surely be able to achieve new leaps and create new brilliance like fireworks! (Liu Wenrui, correspondent of this newspaper)

  Chairman Liu giving a Spring Festival speech



  Chairman Liu presents awards to employees who have won "Klim Star"



  Vice President Dai presents awards to representatives of outstanding teams



  Wonderful cultural programs













































  Award awards for award winning programs



  Group dinner



  Set off fireworks