Sand Removal Device for Cane

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Product Description

The sand removal device for cane is specially designed to cooperate with the new type of tipping platform for unloading canes. It is installed at the head of the side cane carrier under the tipping platform to remove impurities such as sand and cane leaves from canes, so as to reduce the impact of such impurities on subsequent production. The sand removal device is mainly  composed of sand separator, separation screen plate, vibration device, sand and trash conveying system and sand and trash hopper. The system has a very good adaptability of raw materials, and can be used for separation of sand of various raw materials, such as mechanically harvested canes, burning canes, mechanically loaded canes and canes harvested by hands, etc.

● Through impurity removal by sand removal device, abrasion to preparation and milling equipment such as cane knives, rollers and scrapers caused by sand can be effectively reduced, and unfavourable effects of the excessive sand on treatment difficulty of clarification process and boiler combustion can be improved.

● Reduce the problem of impurities such as sand mixed in bagasse to remove sugar and improve the recovery rate of milling sugar.

● It has advantages as simple structure, high safety, not affected by thickness of sugarcane layer, and high impurity removal efficiency.

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