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Spiller Unloading System

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As a new type of cane unloading way, spiller unloading system consists of a spiller, spiller tables and water washing system. Spiller tables are fitted on both sides of main cane carrier and the spiller is equipped on rear part of spiller table, where a cane transport vehicle road is reserved from the spiller table, and the water washing system is installed on climbing section of spiller table. Cane transport vehicles drive between spiller and spiller table, then the hooks of the crane will connect with side hanging points of the vehicles through the hydraulic push rod, and then the cane transport body can be turned over by the hydraulic cylinder to overturn canes into the chute at the end of spiller table. After that, canes on rear part of spiller table are transported to main cane carrier by chains. In the process of conveying, canes are sprayed and cleaned by spray pipes to remove the sand mixed in canes.

● Spiller unloading system is suitable for trailer type cane transport vehicles, which can realize unloading requirements of canes harvested by machine or by hands.

● The water washing system can effectively remove sand in canes, so as to reduce impacts of sand on cane knives, rollers, scrapers and boilers.

● The whole system has compact structure, convenient operation, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.

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