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Syrup Floatation System

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Syrup floatation and purification process is one of the important means to replace syrup sulfidation and improve quality of evaporated syrup. At present, it has gradually become the standard process for production of plantation white sugar in sulphurous acid method factory. The system includes main body of the floating device and auxiliary equipment as the bubbler, reaction tank, phosphoric acid and flocculant dosing and DCS control. After being treated by the floating system, a small amount of soluble and most insoluble impurities as well as some pigments and colloids can be removed, turbidity and residual sulfur of syrup can be reduced, and purity can be greatly improved.

● Decolorization rate of evaporated syrup is 25-40%, and the turbidity is reduced by 50-70%.

● Color value of the sugar product is 90-120IU, residual amount of SO2 is 5-12ppm, turbidity is 20-50MAU, and the insoluble matters are 10-20ppm.

● The control system can adopt the independent DCS subsystem or be integrated into the central control room of sugar factory. Automatic control function includes remote start and stop and speed control of each driving part, proportion control of phosphoric acid and flocculant to syrup, comparison and feedback control of PH value and control of heating temperature, etc.

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