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Cane Self-Unloading and Conveying System

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A cane self-unloading and conveying system consists of a hydraulic tipper and a side cane carrier. Hydraulic tipper can be equipped on one side, both sides or tail end of the side cane carrier and the number depends on the capacity of sugar factory. Generally, the unloading capacity of one unit of hydraulic tipper can match the daily milling capacity of 3000 tons. The carrying capacity of the hydraulic tipper can be designed according to the vehicle conditions. Almost any type of vehicle can be unloaded without limitation of load capacity. The hydraulic tipper unloading system is suitable for not only short sticks harvested by machine, but also long canes harvested by hands.

● It has strong adaptability to sugarcane forms. The fitted side cane carrier is equipped with separation of sand device, which is suitable for mechanical harvesting and claw loader with large sand content.

● It has advantage of fast and efficient to unload a truck of sugarcane in about 3 minutes; the hydraulic device is safe and reliable, which requires less maintenance work.

● It will save a large number of sugarcane unloaders and crane operators, and all the hydraulic tippers are centrally controlled by console in the operation room.

●It will save a large number of steel wire ropes, and the hidden dangers caused by mixed flow of people and vehicles in sugarcane yard are reduced.

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