Enterprise Projects
Enterprise Projects
2019 Mill & Lubrication System for 12000TCD of Ethiopia BELES1 Sugar Factory
2018 Expansion from 7000-9000TCD of Ngwe Yi Pe Le Sugar Co., Ltd., Myanmar
2018-2019 Refinery Equipment Supply for 1200td of Buriram Sugar Factory Co., Ltd., Thailand
2018-2019 250TH Boiler Project for 6000TCD of TRR-SK Sugar Factroy
2016 Welkait Sugar Fcatory Project in Ethiopia, 24000TCD Supply of Raw Sugar Equipment and Complete Set of Processing Equipments
2016-2017 Sugarcane Automatic Unloading System; Design, Supply & Installation of Pretreatment & Milling Section of TRR-PS 18000TCD Sugar Factory 1
2016-2017 Complete Set of Boiling Section Equipment Supply & Installation for TRR Sugar Group 12000TCD Project
2015-2017 Complete set of Process Equipment Supply & Installation for 20000TCD Cambodia Sugar Project
2015-2017 OMO-KURAZ3 Sugar Factory Project, Ethiopia, equipment supply for milling and boiling section of 12000TCD
2015-2016 Milling Extraction Equipment Supply for 12000TCD of Chonburi Sugar Industry Co., Ltd., Thailand
Equipment Supply for Refinery of LG Group
2013 Reyawati Sugar Factory in Myanmar, 2500TCD Milling Equipments
2013-2015 Burinam Sugar Co., Ltd. in Thailand, 15000TCD Equipments of Cane Preparation and Milling
2013-2015 Update Project for Maung Kone Sugar Factory in Myanmar, 8000TCD Project Design and Equipments Supply
2012-2015 Bolivia Sugar Factory Project, 7500TCD Main Equipments for Milling and Processing
2012-2014 KESEM Sugar Factory Project in Ethiopia, 6000TCD Equipments for Milling and Processing
2011-2012 Mitr Kasetr Uthai Thani Co., LTD in Thailand, 18000TCD Milling and Boiling Section Equipment
2011-2012 KSL in Thailand, 15000TCD Milling Equipments
2010-2012 The Third Sugar Factory in Mali, 6000TCD Cane Preparation and Milling Equipments
2010-2012 Huangtian Sugar Factory in Cambodia, 6000TCD Equipments for Milling Process
2010-2011 CASUCO Sugar Factory in Vietnam, 4500TCD Equipments for Milling Process
2009-2011 LPI-Komering Sugar Factory in Indonesia, 8000TCD, EPC Whole Factory Engineering Design, Equipments Supply, Installation, Civil Works, Commis
2007-2008 Macassar Refinery Sugar Factory in Indonesia, 1500T Equipments for Whole Factory
2005-2007 Skeldon Sugar Factory in Guyana, 8400TCD Equipment, Electric and Automatic Control of Processing House
1999-2000 Vietnam Cam Lang Sugar Factory Project, 7200 TCD Preparation and Milling Equipments
2017 COFCO Tunhe Chongzuo Sugar Group Double-roller Pressure Roller Project
2010 COFCO Tunhe Chongzuo Sugar Group Milling Production Line
Thank You Letter from COFCO 70th Anniversary
2016 Nanning Sugar Mingyang Factory Double-roller Pressure Roller
2018 Nanning Sugar Xiangshan Factory Double-roller Pressure Roller
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