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Kunming Light Machinery news, March 5, 2020, issue 2

Kunming Light Machinery news, March 5, 2020, issue 2

Fighting the epidemic, Kunming Light Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd is in action

  (News from this newspaper) Just after the Spring Festival at the end of January 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic spread across the country. In the face of the increasingly serious epidemic, Kunming Light Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd took immediate action. On January 27, the company established an epidemic prevention working group with chairman Liu as the team leader. The members of the working group have a clear division of labor, and each perform its duties and immediately carry out related work. On the following day, the logistics and staff hospital began to eliminate and prevent the epidemic in the living area of the PuJi.

  After receiving the news that medical institutions were short of protective materials against pneumonia, chairman Liu immediately arranged to donate 110 sets of protective clothing, 220 N95 masks, and 20 goggles to the People's Hospital of Wuhua District. The People's Hospital of Wuhua District expressed its sincere gratitude to Klim Company for its donation, saying that this is the real charity in the snow! It is understood that the doctors of Wuhua District People's Hospital were wearing disposable raincoats before going to the medical scene!

  Since then, the company has successively donated 1,000 sets of protective clothing, 50 3M9002A masks, 600 KF94 masks, and 520 goggles to the Yunnan Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, and donated 200 N95 masks and 400 sets of suit 240 protective goggles to Fumin County Health Bureau.When the epidemic first broke out, chairman Liu arranged relevant personnel to buy them back from abroad. It not only solves the needs of the company's employee hospitals for medical protective clothing, but also a concrete manifestation of the company's social responsibility!

  During the epidemic, the staff of relevant departments of the company actively cooperated with departments at all levels and communities to carry out a lot of work such as epidemic prevention investigation, follow-up, investigation of the physical condition of enterprise employees, and declaration of resumption of work and production. This has also laid a solid foundation for the company to resume work and production smoothly.

  The virus is ruthless, but there is great love in the world! If the epidemic is not eliminated, Kunming Light Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd will continue to fight against the epidemic!





Vice Governor Dong Hua visited the company for investigation

  (News from this newspaper) On the afternoon of February 28, 2020, Dong Hua, Deputy Governor of the Yunnan Provincial People's Government, visited the company for investigation. The investigation was accompanied by Huang Xiaorong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Yunnan Provincial Government, Dong Baotong, Director of the Department of Science and Technology of Yunnan Province, and Zhao Haibo, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology of Yunnan Province. , Bao Jianbin, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and leaders of related departments, Liu Dong and related leaders of the company participated in the survey.

  After arriving at the company headquarters, Vice Governor Dong and his entourage watched the prototype of the new product "Organic Waste Harmless Treatment Equipment" and video-checked the resumption of work and production at the company's Fumin production base, and then held a research seminar.

  At the symposium, chairman Liu reported to all the leaders present the various measures taken by the company in fighting the epidemic and the general situation of the resumption of work and production, and emphasized the development and research progress of the company’s two new products, especially The special process of "organic waste innocuous treatment equipment" can effectively kill the new coronavirus from kitchen waste and is very practical to inhibit the spread of new coronary pneumonia. At the same time, chairman Liu also expressed the hope that the development of new products will be supported by the government or the desire to jointly sell products with government platform companies.

  The leaders at the meeting spoke highly of Klim’s efforts during the epidemic and its social responsibility actions, and said that they will provide good services and help for the development and sales of Klim Co.,Ltd’s new products.

  While affirming the achievements of KLIM, Vice Governor Dong was also very interested in the newly developed products of the enterprise and made in-depth and detailed understanding. He requested: 1. Enterprises should not relax in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the prevention and control of the epidemic must rely on the unit and the community, and must not be indifferent; it is necessary to resuming work and production, and contribute to the stable industry and stable development of Yunnan Province in the first quarter; 2 The two new product projects of KLIM are very promising and potential. "Organic garbage innocuous treatment equipment" is a typical environmental protection industry, and it is also a biotechnology product. I hope that the company will further in-depth research, do some subdivisions, and seize the opportunity to speed up the development progress. They can go to the China South Expo to participate in the exhibition or open a project exhibition. I hope that chairman Liu will interact with the relevant departments on the whole new product conception plan. , Linkage to promote the accelerated implementation of the project. The bioplastic PLA project is also very promising. The five-year research and development cycle is too long. I hope that the company will come up with a complete set of technology within 2-3 years to become industrialized. If conditions permit, it can be included in the 100 billion yuan planning project of Yunnan Province’s biotechnology. The government Key assistance and support will be given. 3. It is hoped that while speeding up the development and production of new products, enterprises will speed up the listing process and solve the problems of capital for enterprise development and the stamina for long-term development. I hope that KLIM will develop better and better under the leadership of chairman Liu!


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